Client Testimonials
  • I had an amazing experience working with Medas an excellent team of developers. I’m pleased with their service and commitment. The MEDAS HIMS application they developed, far exceeded my expectations. Project was built from basic application and during the project the team worked diligently and provided instant solutions to any problems. They proved that working with them, was a right decision.
    Dr. Richard
    Al Tadawi Medical Centre
  • We were very pleased with the overall development process that was followed. Medas seems to be a world class provider from what we experienced on our first project from the very beginning like scoping out the project requirement, design & development, QA & testing phase and finally to migration to our location. I would not hesitate to recommend them as a superior development house.
    Dr. Michelle
    DR. Ismail Healthcare Group
  • I was having great difficulty in finding a suitable organization for my project, an idea that I know would make a significant impact. We were having a difficult time with our current development company when we, fortunately, found Medas. They communicated very well and delivered the project on time and within budget. I really appreciate their effort and thank them for everything.
    Dr. Christopher
    Dr. Sunny Medical Centre
  • I have been working with Medas since June 2010, started with an Appointment and doctor module development project. I am pleased with the level of project management skills these guys have and I am specifically happy with the creativity these guys have. I can confidently confront people who criticize Outsourcing Business Model and Indian developers. I would be considering them for my upcoming projects.
    Dr. Mary Abraham
    German Neuroscience Center
  • Medas has proved to be an excellent company for all our Software Development need for over 2 years. Excellence is earned and trust has been built over the period of time. Partnering with them has provided efficient, flexible and cost-effective solutions for our clinic needs. They have clearly demonstrated their commitment to providing high-quality solutions.
    Dr. George Varghese
    KMC Group
  • The new application was to be used across our Clinics by senior management at different locations, Medas did an excellent work. They clearly understood the requirements and delivered good quality Price Comparison Tool. They pleased us with their high level of creativity and dedication. They promptly identified the loop holes, which helped us save big on the project cost. We’ll definitely continue to work with you in future.
    Dr. Elsa
    Al Shams Medical Group
  • It’s pleasure doing business with Medas. Great team, great project management, and execution skills. I’m very happy with the final outcome of the project. This team continues to surprise me with their quality every time I decide to work with them.
    Dr. Shiyas
  • I was recommended to Medas by a close colleague. From the outset, I found the team at Medas very professional in terms of their communication, technical skills, and flexibility. They have helped to transform our Clinic application offering into a platform with excellent stability and speed. The bottom line is, I would recommend Medas to any clinic or Hospital.
    Dr. Shereena
    Sultan Al Olama Medical Center
  • I am pleased with the quality of work Medas has delivered and your Project Management capabilities. Your team's quick response with fast turnaround time has really impressed me. I take pride in making my decision to work with your team. Medas has been an honest group of people with highest work ethics. I’d not hesitate to recommend Medas to anyone.
    Dr. Somanath
    Ttransform Special Medical Centre