Meet Our Team

Chairman of MEDAS and UNISIS Group of Companies Raju Kurian

Raju Kurian

Chairman of MEDAS, UNISIS Group of Companies

Industry Sector: Consultancy, education & skill development, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, information and communication technology, logistics, power and energy.

Personal Profile: An innovator, entrepreneur and a visionary leader with 20+ years in business leadership. Experienced in all aspects of business formation, operation, finance and management. With two decades of business expertise, UNISIS Group provides a wide range of services in IT/solution consulting, online education, oil and gas engineering, construction, inspection services, healthcare solutions, shipping and logistics and trading. With years of experience working for different industries, Raju is credited with key business promotion initiatives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, India, Kingdom of Bahrain, Qatar and the USA.

“We are committed to bringing innovative ideas to the industries we represent to add value to peoples’ lives.”

Meet Our Team

Director and CEO of MEDAS Thomas Mathew

Thomas Mathew

Director & CEO

Director of MEDAS Vinod Kaniayappan

Vinod Kaniayappan


Client Relations Manager Mehjabeen


Client Relations Manager

Head of Implementation Arun Ashok

Arun Ashok

Head of Implementation

Head of Infrastructure Abin Abraham

Abin Abraham

Head of Infrastructure