MEDAS Recognized as UAE’s 10 Best Healthcare Service Providers 2021

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Medas Recognized as UAE’s 10 Best Healthcare Service Providers 2021

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In conjunction, technology and healthcare have conceived unprecedented innovations. Innovations that have both saved and changed our lives. From that first artificial pacemaker to 3D printed organs, the potential encompassed within this conjunction is truly magnificent.

Needless to say, in testing times like these, healthcare service providers and organizations have acknowledged the significance of adopting advanced technologies within their systems. Organizations that strive diligently to innovate such technologies have ceaselessly excelled in contributing to make the world a better place. One prominent name among such organizations is MEDAS Middle East Software Systems LLC.

Headquartered in Dubai, MEDAS Middle East Software Systems LLC is a complete healthcare software solution provider established in 2008 and is part of UNISIS Group.


MEDAS’ mission is to apply its rich experience and expertise in healthcare software solutions for the digitalization of the industry to benefit medical professionals and service providers to deliver quality and swift care to patients. The company goes beyond being a product vendor to provide a consultative approach in implementing best practices for healthcare organizations. Being a healthcare information software development company, MEDAS offers complete end-to-end solutions, making it the first choice and most preferred IT solution partner for healthcare providers.

Redefining Excellence

Medas team

MEDAS provides complete ERP solutions for hospitals, polyclinics, medical centres, daycare surgical centres, pharmacies, laboratories and health insurance organizations of any size. In addition to clinical functionality solutions, MEDAS provides fully integrated back-end modules including financial accounting, inventory, HR and payroll functionality, making it a complete ERP solution for healthcare organizations.

MEDAS has rich domain expertise in healthcare IT earned through nearly a decade of experience in the industry. MEDAS has completed more than 250 software implementations for the healthcare industry in the Middle East.

MEDAS’ domain expertise and significant experience in healthcare ensures that healthcare organizations won’t have to spend time explaining their business. Any gaps in understanding the requirements will be minimal. This translates to a saving for the customer.

“Since we have a ready solution for this domain and have been doing similar implementation work for many hospitals, clinics, labs and pharmacies, we are higher up in the learning curve. This helps shorten the implementation time, which is a big time-saver for organizations’ senior management,” says Raju Kurian, Chairman, MEDAS. “We have our own R&D, which helps us keep improving our solutions based on customer feedback. Since the cost of this is spread across several customers, we are regularly able to offer new features at a nominal cost,” he adds.

Chairman of MEDAS and UNISIS Group of Companies Raju Kurian

The Guiding Light

An innovator, entrepreneur and a visionary leader with 20+ years in business leadership, Mr. Raju Kurian is experienced in all aspects of business formations, operations, finance and management.

With two decades of business expertise, he envisaged the potential in the healthcare industry and invested and took over MEDAS UAE in 2015. Within a span of five years, he expanded MEDAS to all parts of the GCC including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.

Sharing his opinion on how ERP solutions have been helping hospitals run their operations efficiently and provide better patient care, Mr. Kurian says, “The Enterprise Resource Planning systems are information systems that integrate all the core functions of a business or an organization.

This integration is implemented by the connectivity of all processes of the various departments in the organization. The importance of ERP systems adopted by the enterprises is high, but in the case of healthcare organizations, it is more important because the information managed by them is related to human lives. Therefore, proper care should be taken during implementation.”